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My Work

My mission is to enhance the quality of life of all those with whom I come in contact. My stories and messages include my most memorable moments and personal experiences which are to be shared and taught while building a legacy of love from my life and make contributions worldwide. 
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March 27 2021

Mentoring and Parenting Teens Summit ~ Greece

Great to be part of an 8 expert panel of mentors, discussing important topics impacting our youth today, giving tips and advice, to take amazing action with the teens in your life. 

June 6 2021

Collopedia Learning Natural English Love Story - Narration ~  Algeria

Collopedia is a platform where it is about progressing toward success. Individuals come together to empower others to meet their fullest potential, that the impossible is possible.

JULY 17 2021


"The launch of our 3-month mentorship Programme for young women and girls across Africa is finally here... Join us as we build a community of young women and girls to connect, engage, inspire, and network for professional life and career development This Programme is the brainchild of the Center for Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development in conjunction with the Gender Studies Department of African Transformer Institute."

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JULY 29 2021



"Exploring new ways to implement for bringing peace globally Supported by Rehan Foundation, Interview School, Institute of Peace, Planet Union, @world peace alliance" Rehana Sher

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Global SDG-10 Reduced Inequalities

November 14th 2021

Proud to be a part of this community! Thank you to Irum Fawad for this amazing opportunity, honored and privileged, changing the world, one individual at a time on SDGs Global Leaders' platform! Reunited! Empowering women, men and future generations worldwide. 

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JANUARY 30, 2022


What’s the BIGGEST obstacle standing between you and unlimited success?
Usually, it’s you, my friend 

YOU can be your own worst enemy if you let your worries, fears, and hesitation stop you from taking the uncomfortable action you need to get to your next level in life.

Click here to check out our coming 2022 Global Live Speakers Summit for How can you change your life in 2022?

An amazing array of speakers

You’re allowing those limiting beliefs to keep you grounded in the same exact spot you’re in right now.

So click here to signup now and learn how you can become the person you REALLY want to be.



MARCH 24th - 25th, 2023

Andrea Mason was Amazon's #1 Best Selling Internation Selling Author and New York City's Latina Global Featured Speaker at the Latino World Travel Fest of 2023! Her contributions and pure dedication has landed her such roles, and she continues to Aspire to Inspire, daily as she walks beside you and welcomes you along the way!

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